Facebook and Twitter Unveiled Applications for Google Glass

World’s top two social networking websites Facebook and Twitter both unveiled especially designed applications for Google Glass. For your information, Google is developing Google Glass, which is basically a wearable computer with a head-mounted display (HMD). Google Glass can show information in a smartphone like hands free format. And it can also be able to connect with the internet via voice commands.

Google Glass is such a product, which is first of its kind. Eventually this Google’s product already received recognition by Times Magazine as one of the ‘Best inventions of 2012’. Google is trying to get into partnerships with leading Sunglass retailers like Ray-Ban, and it may also come up with its own retails stores to allow the interested customers to own the device.

On May 2013, Google itself unveiled the grand release of seven new apps, which are fully compatible with the Google Glass. Some of these apps are fashion news from Elle, news alerts from CNN, and reminders from Evernote. Now Facebook and Twitter have also decided to join the league by developing these new apps for the users of the Google Glass.

Mr. Erick Tseng, who is the head of mobile products at Facebook, said that the application will allow its users to easily upload photos that will be taken by Google Glass, directly to the Facebook timeline. How cool is that? The Facebook app will also allow the users to add description to the uploaded collages by just speaking it.

The Engineer Manager of Twitter Mr. Shiv Ramamurthi said that the designated Twitter app will allow the users to send and share snapshots/pictures using the Google Glass. Not only that this app will also help to keep an eye on the people being followed on Twitter via series of notifications. As an added factor, a consumer will also be able to access the general features of Twitter like favorite the tweets or images, retweet, or reply to his/her own tweets.

One can easily access many existing Google applications like Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Plus via Google Glass. Many well-known developers and companies have started making applications for this device. Some of the successfully built apps are photo manipulation, facial recognition, and news apps. It is quite likely that LinkedIn, which recently crosses 200 million users in India, too may come up with their specialized apps for Glass.

It has to be added here that for now Google Glass is available to a very limited number of developers, and they have paid around $1,500 for each eyewear.  A person can easily take pictures, send messages, record as many videos as they want, or even perform a few specified tasks with voice-commands or by speaking phrases like ‘Okay Glass’, ‘record a video’, ‘take a picture’.

Mr. Eric Schmidt, who is the current Executive Chairman of Google, admitted that it would take some more time before the consumer version of the Google Glass is made available for the common people. However, the coveted consumers can expect it later in 2013 only, as now Google is now working specifically on models that can be accompanied with lenses that are prescribed.

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