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Hi friends (I hope you guys don’t mind to be my friend. Right?), Welcome to the About page of “TechStake-Technology News Blog”. In this page I will help you to understand the motto of this page, and which type of articles and information are covered by TechStake. I’ll also tell you here a little bit about me too. I hope after reading this you will consider to join us on various social networking sites (we exist in almost everywhere).

About TechStake-Technology News Blog

TechStake is a technology news blog, and it covers daily dose of tech updates, gadget news, and smartphone affairs. It also covers all the latest information of the leading tech giants like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Samsung, Twitter, Nokia etc, so it will help you to know about all the things that are happening daily in the technological world. In short TechStake is a supreme online resource for any technology affairs around the world.

It was founded in May 2013, and since then it is bringing all the breaking tech news, IT related information. If you are reading this page now, then you must be a tech lover, or you want to stay updated with all the latest happenings of this advanced world. Trust me you are on the right place, as TechStake commits to provide all those information right away. It also covers topic like best smartphones, top technology news of the day, social media affairs, internet news, recent changes in leading companies etc (the list is huge).

The world is adopting technology vastly in recent days; in fact Modern day technology is growing in a very impressive rate. You should keep an eye on all the latest offerings of the tech giant companies, latest gadget and smartphone releases, and TechStake will help you to do that with super ease.

Here we will sort the best news from the technology industries, and publish it readily with our inputs on that matter. So please consider TechStake as you hub to check all the technology and IT related news, as we are surely one-stop-shop for all your technological needs.

About Me- Aditya Dey

Aditya Dey, owner and main author of TechStake-Technology News Blog.
Aditya Dey
Hi again, I think I should formally introduce myself to all of you. Well, my name is Aditya Dey, and I’m the author, owner and admin of “TechStake”. I have a very deep interest in all technology affairs, and that’s why I thought k I should start a blog on this zone, as it will be comfortable for me too, as it’s my favorite topic and I’m quite a pro to provide news updates on tech affairs, and IT related matters. I’m very much passionate about computer, blogging, Internet, current affairs. I love to stay updated always with all the latest changes that are happening each and every day in our world thanks to the increase of usage of the advanced modern technology.

I finished my schooling from Jadavpur Vidyapith in 2009, and then I went to West Bengal University of Technology (WBUT) to study engineering. I completed my B.Tech in 2013, and placed in one of the top IT companies in India. So I’m basically a computer engineer by profession and a blogger/writer by passion.

I like to play football, read story books, exploring new things, and experimenting new opportunities just like any other normal guys of my age. I like to share my opinion on stuff like entrepreneurship, IT affairs, latest changing in modern era etc. I have written lots of articles for various leading online article directories like Ezine Articles and all. I have interest in writing from my childhood, and I have written a few times for a few local and national magazines. I would love to be a professional writer some day if God permits.

I love to lead life to its fullest, some time I let myself go to do crazy stupid things like walking on the rain, going on unplanned road trips, capturing moments in my digi-cam etc. I’m fully active on almost every leading social networking site. You can add me @Facebook, or follow me @Twitter, or even add me on your circles of @Google+.

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