Top 5 Positive and Negative Points About HTC Desire 600

Check out the detailed and best review of HTC Desire 600 with top five positive and negative points about the device.
A fresh mid-range device from the stable of HTC recently made it to the stores. The device is labeled as HTC Desire 600, and it is a quad core device which is a decent alternative to the high end quad core devices available in the stores. It packs in a quad core QUALCOMM processor running at a clock speed of 1.2 GHz. The phone has got a 4.5 inch display which has a qHD resolution. We tell you why or why not you should pick this device.

The Positive bits-

1-The hardware is powerful enough to handle your everyday needs and it runs on a decent Qualcomm based system. Even there is a plenty of RAM to assist the quad core processor. You can also do some mild gaming on the device if you want and it won’t disappoint you.

2-The size of device is great. It doesn’t feel tiny like a 4 inch display or huge like a 5 inch or above device. You get a 4.5 inch display having a resolution of 540 x 960 which is just right for a mobile device. This makes the device handy while keeping the display big enough for you normal usage.

3-The device looks simple & elegant and resembles many high end HTC devices. Also the device is very slim at just 9.3 mm and the weight is just 130 gms so it would be pretty handy. The device looks well build and worth the price you pay for it. You won’t have anything to complaint against the design.

4-The camera on the device is a decent 8 megapixel and while that might not sound like much to Sony device owners, it is enough for an average user. In fact many high end devices boast a similar sort of camera. The camera can record semi HD videos at 30 frames per second.

5-It is an HTC device so it comes with the reliability and premium build quality they offer. If you buy this device, you won’t have any complaints about the device quality or components. And as the device looks promising, it might catch up well with developers which would mean that you can find a lot of custom ROMs and mods for your device very soon.

The Negative Bits

1-No matter what HTC say and how much they promise that the device is meant to be a mid-range device, it is still overpriced. Yes it is a quad core device and most quad core devices from other brands lie in the same price bracket as this phone. But there is a huge difference. Buying this one would be like buying a compromise even when you pay the full price. You can get a Galaxy S3 or a Google Nexus 4 for similar money and they boast much better hardware than this device. They have got processors running at higher clock speeds and have got semi HD displays against the qHD on this one. Even the previous HTC flagship device, One X is priced pretty close to this phone which is still a better device than this one.

2- The GPU on the device is not good at all. The Adreno 203 has been here for ages literally and isn’t a good performer. You get low end 2D and 3D performance and the frame rates are affected badly due to it. It cripples the otherwise promising hardware of its capabilities and limits the possibilities. It could have been a decent gaming device but due to this GPU, some games don’t show their full potential on the device and still lag at points. Also the benchmark scores of the device suffer badly due to the low end GPU. The competition we mentioned offers way better GPUs for the price.

3-The video recording on the device is only semi HD despite the device being a quad core. It was hard to fathom why they decided to keep it at 720p only while most other devices running even lower clock speeds and less number of cores offer 1080p video recording for lesser price. If we are paying an amount that big and have got a decent camera, we expect it to be able to record high definition videos.

4-The display is decent and is sized well but it could have been better. You get semi HD displays on devices priced less or close to this one while this one sticks to a qHD resolution. Not that the display is any bad but a few more pixels per inch don’t hurt anyone. Right?

5-The battery on the device is small to keep the weight and thickness down. This might be okay for some who don’t use their phones to do much and their devices spend most of the time on standby. But for a heavy user, every mAh of battery does matter. The device has got a powerful hardware which would juice to keep going. Cutting down on battery capacity is the worst you can do on a quad core device. If you are the sort of guy who just can’t let his phone go to sleep, this is not the device for you. The only reason being the low capacity battery.

Final Words

Now we provided you with enough pros and cons about the device HTC Desire 600 and we are very sure it will help you decide. The phone is available via various online stores for around 26 K. if you are interested you can go ahead and pick this device. Else you can also take a look at the alternatives we mentioned like the Galaxy S3, Google nexus 4 and few others. Also if you want to save a few more bucks, you can go for brands like Xolo and Micromax. Even they have moved up the quality and reliability bar.


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