Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Google comes up with ‘Product Listing Ads’ in India

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Google announced the launch of a new format of showing ‘Product listing Ads’ in India.
On this Monday the ultimate search engine king Google announced the launch of a new format of showing ‘Product listing Ads’ in India. The search engine said that it has come up with this service in order to help the end users by providing relevant information on brands, prices, and images of products to them. This will eventually help the web users to shop more conveniently both on the online and offline.

Every single day millions of people use the easiest Google Search option in order to study and discover the best available product to purchase on the best possible price both offline and online. They also use it to gather as much information as they can about the features of the products before making the final decision of owning.

The new ad format of Google has been made with the purpose of connecting users to rich product-information in the likes of brands, prices and looks. Google India recently published an official statement to acknowledge the whole matter, and it said that it will help the users of India in a very big way in the days to come.

This means from now on when a person will enter a query related to the shopping purposes then the dedicated Google.Co.In will come up with its Product Listing Ads. These ads will appear on the right-hand side of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) just above the usual text ads. The statement even added that the new ads will also be labeled as ‘Sponsored’.

The statement explained that this new service (ad format) will help users to compare between the brands of their desired products. They can compare the features, looks, and the prices of the products in order to decide which one will be the best according to their needs.  

Another important feature of this new Google’s Product Listing Ads service is that it is basically opening a grand opportunity for the online merchants to showcase their business and key products in front if the larger audiences and promote it easily to interested buyers as well. This will surely increase the conversion rate for the merchants which will eventually boost up their net profits.


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