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Wipro came 3rd in IAOP’s Top 100 Global Outsourcing List

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Wipro Ltd announced that it managed to find a name for itself amongst the top three in the '2013 Global Outsourcing 100'' list.
Wipro Ltd, which is a global outsourcing, consulting and information technology company, recently proudly announced that it managed to find a name for itself amongst the top three in the '2013 Global Outsourcing 100'' list. Surely Wipro is literally ‘applying thoughts’ and I hope it will continue to do so.

What is IAOP?
The list was compiled by International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) after analyzing the performances of various companies on the annual basis. IAOP is basically a global organization, which is dedicated to set the standards of the companies that run their businesses worldwide. It is also an advocate for the ultimate profession of outsourcing.

Wipro’s improvement from the last year

Wipro was ranked 7th in the same list for the previous year, so this year it managed to improve its position by four places, as this year it has been placed in the 3rd. Wipro is doing exceptionally well businesses for past few years.

What is ‘Global Outsourcing 100’ list?

This is the 8th version of the IAOP’s list. In this list it eventually compiles the annual ranking of the world’s leading outsourcing advisors and service providers. The list is named as ‘Global Outsourcing 100’, and it includes companies across the whole world. It is easily understandable that it covers almost the full spectrum of global outsourcing service providers under its umbrella.

What are the parameters of the ranking?

The ‘Global Outsourcing 100’ has managed to gather tremendous popularity in the last seven years. It is an honor to be listed in top 100 even for most of the leading companies of the world.
The list judges companies on the basis of global presence and customer experience (to be precise satisfaction). Along with these two most important parameters, there are a few more like relevant certifications, investments in the development project especially for the mankind, advanced technology and processes, industry recognition, trust factor, and last but not the least the executive leadership of the company.

Wipro’s view on being included in the top three

Mr. Puneet Chandra, who is currently handling the position of Chief Marketing Officer at Wipro, expressed his joy on the time of commenting and announcing on this inclusion in the ranking list. He was very happy indeed, and he explained Wipro’s modern approach of outsourcing and customer reliability. The following is an excerpt of what he had actually said in his speech.

"Today’s rapidly changing market environment is triggering tectonic shifts in technology trends and customer requirements, and Wipro is constantly looking at solutions that will help businesses 'differentiate at the front' and 'standardize at the core'. This prestigious recognition is a testament to our customers’ continued confidence in our capabilities towards adding value to their business; and our renewed emphasis on account management, deep domain skills, building targeted solutions and enhancing customer and employee engagement."

IAOP’s stand on the list and Wipro’s inclusion in it

IAOP’s Chief Advisor of Thought Leadership Mr. Jag Dalal, who was also the honorable Chairman of the judges’ panel, said that the competition was much tougher in 2013. He added that the applicants were trying hard to raise the bar by adopting various key strategies, and the global outsourcing industry too was continuously growing at a very heavy rate along with being mature in many important markets.

He didn’t forget to congratulate Wipro in his speech. Mr. Dalal said, “Being named to The Global Outsourcing 100 and The World’s Best Outsourcing Advisors is a great achievement, particularly given the strong competition, and we are proud to recognize Wipro for their excellence."


It is a proud moment for Wipro for sure to be featured in that high position of this prestigious list. I think now Wipro will target to secure the pole position in the next year’s ranking, and I hope it will be able to do that too. It has to be added here that the list was prepared by an independent panel of judges, which were organized by IAOP itself.

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  1. Wow great indeed...must be a proud moment for Wipro...It has been doing well, so it completely deserves it