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LinkedIn Surpasses 20 Million Users Mark in India

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The most popular professional networking site LinkedIn claimed that now it has more than 20 million users in India only.
The most popular professional networking site LinkedIn claimed that now it has more than 20 million users in India only. Eventually almost 9% of its total users worldwide are situated in India only, which is pretty large indeed.

It has to be mentioned here that the United States has the most number of LinkedIn users in the world. As per recent calculation, the US has around 74 million active users in LinkedIn. India is currently holding the 2nd position in terms of total memberships, and the growth of our country is pretty huge. Indians are developing their professional outlook at higher rate now, which might be helpful for the overall economic growth of our country.

Last week LinkedIn published a statement on it, and it has acknowledged that India is going to be one of the largest economic powers in the coming decades. The followings are a small excerpt of that statement.

"Within the Asia Pacific region which has more than 40 million members, India topped the list, followed by countries such as Australia (4+ million), Indonesia (2+ million), Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines (each 1+ million)."

There are so many users, who prefer to use to build their professional connections by using this networking site quite regularly. Many LinkedIn users are from Accounting industries, Computer Software and IT Services. There are users from the other fields too.

Mr. Nishant Rao, who is the current Country Manager of LinkedIn India, assured that this is not the end of journey for sure. He said that the professional yet social networking site has plans for serious growth in coming days with the help of its clients and members.

"The growth of our member base and clients in India over the last few years is a testament to the value we are adding to our members' lives every single day," he added in its speech while explaining the impact of this news.

Now days people love to spend as much time as possible in the web, and LinkedIn helps them to connect with other professionals of their own niche or different with ease. Thus one can build reputations, share news about their businesses with other users, discuss about the issues which they are facing in relevant communities etc. Even one can easily get some serious jobs too with the help of this social too.

LinkedIn has already seen some serious growth in terms of membership numbers in past two years or so, and trust me it’s just started, as they are heading towards the right way by targeting the right people on the right zone, and offering them the things they need most.

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