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Adobe to Acquire Digital Marketing Platform Company ‘Neolane’ for $600 million

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Adobe Systems to acquire digital marketing company ‘Neolane’ for $600 million in cash.
Adobe Systems recently announced that it had finally decided to acquire online digital marketing company named ‘Neolane’ for $600 million in cash. ‘Neolane’ mainly operates important software in order to manage various digital marketing campaigns over a number of different platforms altogether. It is currently privately owned.

Adobe is proud founder and maker of products like Photoshop and Acrobat, which we use innumerous number of times daily for our different needs. It said that the move to acquire ‘Neolane’ would surely bring a few critical cross-channel campaign management capabilities into the Adobe’s Marketing Cloud.

Now you may be wandering what is Adobe Marketing Cloud? It is basically a series of tools that help to encompass various utilities like analytics, advertising, social, targeting and also the web experience management solutions. 

As I mentioned before Neolane operates a software platform in order to automate the overall executions of several number of campaigns across the internet, mobile, call center, data center, email, social media, point of sale and direct mail. It is very useful indeed, and that’s why Adobe is so keen to buy it as soon as possible. Currently its clients include the global big franchisees like Bridgestone Tires and Barnes & Noble.

Adobe mentioned that the whole acquisition procedure expected to complete within the next month only. It added that this move won’t affect its revenue forecast and previously predicted financial results for the current fiscal year. Few days back we published here that Adobe records $1.01 billion profit in Q2 and the company is eying to push it even further.

Mr. Stephane Dehoche, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Neolane, will continue to do his work by leading the former Neolane team as an integral part of Adobe's own digital marketing business.

Final Words

So this is our complete article on the Adobe’s upcoming acquisition of digital marketing platform ‘Neolane’. We think this move will be able to help Adobe to expand its online businesses in the future for sure.

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